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Loom is a work which directly engages the discourse of what constitutes fine art and what constitutes applied art. Physically the work is a two meter by three meter platform which has been constructed for the purpose of weaving. Using hand processed wool from an Auckland farm, the finished work is presented on the frame to heighten contrasting ideas.

Private Collection


This work engages with the idea of narrative in film. The music has been composed to reflect a traditional heroic narrative following a traditional three act structure. Referencing historical film movements such as Dada and the medium of collage, the video has been assembled using a combination of found and original footage. The intention was to create some discomfort due to the imagery contrasting with the audio content. Presenting the work in a closed dark room evokes ideas of cinema which feed into the broader ideas of narrative.

Sonny Playstatioon

This work is a short experiment with creating some kind of strange music video for my own composition. Initially sounds taken from unconventional sources were used to create the full composition, and following this I linked the video conceptually by sampling a diverse group of videos to create a work which seems to follow no order, yet flows in some kind of way owing to the composition created.

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